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It is common to think Those creatures in the sky Can't do us any harm So we clip and cage them We are all distracted With the day-to-day When they come down flying With beaks and talons first A girl on East street Chases down an interest Soon to find herself Off the beaten path A town of simple folk Notice very little Of the quite peculiar Patterns in the sky They've come To end us all And leave no one All the species Working together We're outnumbered Safe inside the car Making an escape To cities unscathed Much is uncertain What will be their fate? All the perched watch them
It was many years ago When I learned to play the notes It wasn't long before I made The choice to never make that feeling Fade away Sometimes life gets in the way Which makes others put it off For another day But one must cherish what they love Carpe diem and not wait for up above It is rarer than it seems To commit for life, by any means Autumn years can stifle your passions It's never for granted I'll play beyond the ashes
A Theory 06:20
To the new comers of the world Understanding yet to be unfurled For unwanted variables Law is created by the nobles Sometimes boundaries aren't enough To show example of the ones in cuffs Tools to use are love, fear, and guilt Answer to God helps even out the tilt It works all the same across the globe Peace and prosperity as hoped But as one beholds another taints War-makers claim they rival saints Ages pass to changing minds Soon beliefs arise, question him Less followers, for they have found another Not entities, but reason Tomorrow, will there be a God? He is not the only option To understand we will never cease It has always been up to us
For chronic muscle pain For thoughts of hopelessness For excess energy There is something for you Legal or under the table Fighting sobriety Fighting reality From one drug to another Some go unnoticed And damage ourselves Some with no cure Legal or under the table Fighting sobriety Fighting reality Taking all we can We learn the hard way No one knows What it's like to be sober


The second EP album by A Shrewdness of Apes.


released January 25, 2015


all rights reserved



A Shrewdness of Apes Washington, D.C.

A Shrewdness of Apes is a trio from the DC area. The band was founded in February 2013 in Richmond, VA. They play a heavy, intricate, yet melodic blend ranging from influences of Queens of the Stone Age to Yes. Over the years they have released two EP's and will release their first full-length album in May. ... more

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